Hello World! or “You’re Gonna Make It After All”

"Like the song said...you're gonna make it after all!"

"Like the song said...you're gonna make it after all!"

If you haven’t guessed by now, welcome to the first post for The Minneapolitan.

Yes, I know that the URL is asktheminneapolitan.wordpress.com, and I’m working on securing the domain name, so bear with me.  This is my first time working with WordPress, so everyone please remain in your seat as the ride is certain to be a touch bumpy.

So about me then:  I am a Minneapolitan (as in someone who lives in the city of Minneapolis) and I am here to write about the various things going on in this town with some bold facer names thrown in.  Not a gossip blog (though if you do have some interesting tidbits, kindly e-mail them to me at theminneapolitan@gmail.com), but more of a society column at which we can (and will) discuss everything from the theatre to the rock club to the fashionista to the punk kid and everything in between. Think David DeYoung of HowWasTheShow.com meets the vive of La Cieca of Parterre Box with equal shots of class, sass, and a great ass.

So, my dears, I am counting on YOU (yes, you) to make The Minneapolitan the sexy fun place of Minneapolis.  So tell me all about what you want to talk about.  Until then, my darlings, I remain…

The Minneapolitan


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