Weekend Recap or “Mad world! Mad men! Mad style!”

"I'm Don Draper...and you're not."

"I'm Don Draper...and you're not."

So, the weekend was spent with me laid up with hay fever (not to be confused with the play by dear Noël Coward).  And while it was sad that I missed a few social things this weekend, I must say it was quite charming to clean my little flat (which, entre nous, cheri) it desperately needed.

So, alas, I missed Glamorama 2009 at The Orpheum on Friday night.  I heard the reviews were mixed across the board (literally, I heard both “I love it” and “I hate it” from many sources at the same time).  In my few years of living in my new home town, I have yet to make the pilgrimage to that bastion of style.  So I must ask the burning question: Is it true Miss Piggy was there in a Marc Jacobs Frock?!?!?

By Sunday I was well enough (read: gone stir crazy and had to get the hell out of the house) to venture to the Uptown Market.  What a charming little market this is (and is so desperately needed in Uptown).  Less confounding as the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market, this one focuses on artists and such.  It was fun seeing printmaker David Witt (better known to the hipster children as DWitt) chatting with one of the boys from Aesthetic Apparatus.  Further along the road, I thought I saw Gabe Douglas of Four on the Floor chatting with friends (as I found out later, he was playing there; yet another reason I like the Uptown Market, the entertainment).  Ali Lozoff of 89.3 The Current was chatting with (I think) Todd O’Dowd of The Varsity Theater (he was wearing a hat so I couldn’t get a good look), and printmaker extraordinaire Adam Turman had a throng at his booth.

Later that evening, I threw on the best vintage party frock I could find and hightailed it to Jax Cafe for the season premiere of Mad Men and, my dears, it was Names, Names, Names!  The evening was hosted by everyone’s favorite DJ Jake Rudh (who, in his tux, looked like he walked out of the set of the show) and Christian-Philippe Quilici (he of Vita.MN) and the children came out in force.  To wit: Jeremy and Vanessa Messersmith (he crooning that night, she rocking finds from Blacklist Vintage), Lucy Michelle (sans The Velvet Lapelles), Janey Winterbauer, Angie Heitz of Club Jäger, photographer Sean Smuda, Minneapolis art scene doyenne Rachel Thompson, Tom Horgen of the Star Tribune, Carl Atiya Swanson of Cake in 15, and of course Bill & Dana Kozlak of Jax’s Café.  It was so refreshing to see all the hipster children out there looking chic and polished, and the episode was amazing as usual.  For pictures of the event (by the always amazing Stacy Schwartz), go here.

Until the next time, darlings!

The Minneapolitan


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