Farve to the Vikings or The $12 Million Dollar Man

Normally I have no use for sports or the sports teams of my lovely town (my view can be summed up thus: if you want a bloody new stadium, you need to deliver some national championships before I’ll give you my tax money) but I can not go without sharing my thoughts on the Viking’s recent acquisition of Brett Farve for this season. Here it is by the numbers:

1) This whole process has been marred by Farve’s ambivilence about whether he even wants to come back after being retired. Every week the Strib would report he would be in one day and out the next. It was rather annoying. Wil this ambivilence translate into lackluster playing on the field during the season?

2) On top of this, I have to wonder if he really is in good playing condition.

3) Even more vexing is the $12 million contract that he got for one year. Let me reiterate this for dramatic import: a retired qb is coming back for one season for $12 million. That, combined with the fact that he wasn’t at training camp at all these past few weeks, makes me wonder if he really has his heart in this.

I long to hear your thoughts on this.

As always,
The Minneapolitan


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