Bullet Points or Hello, Goodbye UPDATED

Greetings all! As I get ready to disconap and then go out for the evening, here are the updates about what everyone is talking about:

  • So, thankfully everyone survived the tornados yesterday. However…
  • The Electric Fetus got hit. The storm blew off the roof, the AC, and they got some water damage. Thankfully, everyone is all right, but they will be closed a few days to assess and repair. So what can you do to help? BUY STUFF FROM THEM! It’s that simple.
  • Goodbye to Revolver Modele. The band is breaking up and are playing their last show tonight at 7th St. Entry. Rumor has it they’re going on at 11pm.
  • Goodbye to the DJ duo Moondogs, who’s last night of residency is tomorrow night at the VIP Room at First Avenue.
  • Hello to Project Runway. The gang of L’Etoile Magazine are throwing what will surely be a chic evening. First, we start at 7:30-9pm at The Landmark Center in St. Paul for cocktails and the premiere episode of this season, followed by an afterparty at The St. Paul Hotel, followed by after-after party at Camp. For the details, go here.
  • Michachu and The Shapes were not going to play The Cedar on 23 Sept. Now they’ve announced that the show IS going on. How very Farve-ian.
  • Just announced: Juliette Lewis will be playing Station 4 on 4 October.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to take a disco nap. Will report more later. Till then, I remain…

The Minneapolitan

UPDATE: Just read on Twitter that the Fetus will be closed for a while while they figure out the necessary repairs.


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