Project Runway Party and Revolver Modele Farewell

So, as you all know, I went to the Project Runway premiere party thrown by the kids at L’Etoile Magazine.  It was kinda fun but there were some major problems in my (and other people’s) opinion(s).

First off, I thought all the action was happening at the Landmark Center.  The original plan was to show it outside (which would have been kick ass), but they moved it indoors due to the weather.  Little did I know that there were two parties going on at once: the Landmark event, and a VIP party at the ballroom of The St. Paul Hotel.  While they had fashion shows and canapes and a bar, we poor commoners had nothing.  It was an under-lit tomb (when designer Ra’mon-Lawrence Coleman showed up to preview his new line with the commoners, there was no lighting and no one could see what the garments looked like) and there was no bar (as soon as Heidi Klum announced who was out, the audience bee lined for the hotel for a much needed drink).  I applaud the L’Etoile crew for trying to do something awesome and the ambition behind the event, but I don’t think the first part worked out quite as well as they had hoped and some people were not amused.

The party then moved into The St. Paul Hotel (one of my favorites) and it was nice to see the people mingling and enjoying everything, but I had had enough.  So, I hightailed it to 7th Street Entry for the last show ever of Revolver Modele.  It was great to see The Entry packed with fans of the band and they were giving away merch at the end.  I will miss them terribly.


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