Myth Busting or Uptown Upheaval

So, if you were following the Twitteratti, then you heard the tantalizing news that Myth was closing.  Alas, it’s NOT TRUE.  I’ll pause while you all collect yourselves.

So, it seems that Myth will close till after the state fair due to slow business.  Not a bad idea, but the question must be asked: Why did everyone want Myth to be closed?  And how, or who, did this rumor get started?  E-mail me the leads, the author said with an evil grin.

The other sad news, which unfortunately IS TRUE, is that Uptown Bar may be closing.  Rumor has it that the owner has been approached about selling the lot for developers.  I certainly hope that this is not what is going to happen.  The Uptown, like the Turf Club, is dingy as hell but a great place to see a lot of awesome local shows.  I will keep you abreast as this story develops.

The Minneapolitan


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