Weddings, Funerals, Afterparties

A LONG day was had by all yesterday around the town (especially me).

First up, rumor has it that the Red Stag Block Party was a smash.  As usual, feel free to send any photos, stories, naughty bits, etc. to theminneapolitan@gmail.com and I will make sure that it is or isn’t.

I, alas, was not there as I was at a wedding of two dear friends at the Loring Pasta Bar.  It was a fun evening; first the ceremony was in their Red Room (which featured an amazing rendition of a song I normally hate by the luminous Leslie Ball), then we went downstairs for cocktails, then back up to their balcony for dinner.  Not too many boldfacers but I did see Ian Rans of Drinking with Ian fame (who had just come from a funeral) and Lori Barberro (who I heard say aloud that she will be headed back to Austin in the next week).

Later that evening, after cocktails with friends, I ended up at an afterbar at the legendary Kingman Studios, the studio/party place of artist/entrepreneur/raconteur Brant Kingman.  Anyone who can rock a day-glo magenta lace body stocking, fake fur vest, black iridescent lycra bellbottoms, and six inch platform shoes is good in my book.  It was an odd mix of hippies (this was an unofficial farewell party for the Minneapolis kids going to the Burning Man festival), socialites, club kids (several members of Soundbar‘s staff were there and Bryan Gerrard was dj-ing as well), the media (the ubiquitos Steve Marsh of Mpls/St.Paul Magazine and Jen Boyles of City Pages) and rock kids (I was chatting with several of the guys from Solid Gold and The Nightinggales).  All in all it was a fun time had by all, especially with the de rigeur “what are you doing here?” moments throughout the night.


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