Updates All Around

I’ll keep this brief….

  • Sunday, your author had to crawl out of bed for the tail end of the party for The Sartorialist at Magers & Quinn.  Lots of hats courtesy of Blacklist Vintage.  Photos by the omnipresent Stephen of Digital Crush Photography.  Lots of bold facers: Steve Marsh, Sean Smuda, The Messersmiths, Emma Berg, Kate Iverson, and a bunch more.
  • Last night was too tired to attend Jägercon at Club Jäger so I didn’t see Young Frankenstein.  That said, tonight is Transmission, so who knows?  I may make an appearance.
  • L’etoile announced today that it will host a weekly viewing party of Project Runway on Thursday nights at Hell’s Kitchen.
  • This weekend is still up in the air, but I do know that I will make an appearance at the Solid Gold show at The Varsity.
  • Electric Fetus is up and running again.  Thank the gods.  Now get over there and buy something from them.
  • Cheers to the gang at the Gimmie Noise blog at City Pages.  It’s my go-to source for music info, from Andrea Swenson’s up to the second reports of the fate of the Uptown Bar and Myth, to Carl Swanson’s take on the last Cloud Cult show (for now), they keep it real and keep it fun.

That’s all for now, comrades.  Now to prep for Transmission…

The Minneapolitan


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