Isn’t It Fashion?

Greetings gang!  Sorry we haven’t been on lately; we’ve been dashing back and forth around the country with day jobs and such.  But never fear, updates are here…

Yours truly was in New York City for fashion week, and while I didn’t get to see any of the shows (I was visiting a friend for her wedding on the other side of the Hudson River), I did manage to have run-ins with such fashionistas as Robyne Robinson, Jane Magnitude, and Jahna Peloqin.

The reason for this post is simple; tonight is the kickoff for MN Fashion Week – Fall Edition. We here at The Minneapolitan are giddy about this one, since it looks like it will kick ass.  To wit, here are our recommendations for the next few days:

  • Side Note #1 – In the words of Levar Burton on the greatly missed Reading Rainbow “…but don’t take my word for it!”  Get out there and support our small, but thriving local fashion scene.
  • Side Note #2 – If you get inspired, say hello to the designers (it’s not like NYC where there’s an armored guard hiding Michael Kors) and if you can, Buy Their Stuff.  Now on to the list:
  • While I’m sure those with lots of money will be at the Envision Event, I’m going to see La Nouvelle Femme at The Varsity Theater only because I love Calpurnia Peach‘s clothes and can’t wait to see their new line.
  • Though I worry about finding anything in my size (I’m a little tricky to fit around the bust), the Clothing Swap at The Textile Center was such a hit last season that I might just go for the sheer joy of watching.
  • I’m looking forward to the Re-Fashionista event only because it will give me the chance to check out Second Debut, which sounds like a high-end Goodwill (and that’s a good thing – couture for cheap? I’m there).
  • Wednesday, 23 Sept. is going to be a double dip of fashion.  First the L’Etoile/Metro Magazine “Charmed Life Event” at International Market Square then dash over to The Varsity for the Couture Noir fashion show and masquerade party.  PS – If you have your ticket from “Charmed Life” you get $5 off at the door for Couture Noir.
  • I’m excited by the Eat Street Style Event on 25 Sept. only for the change of scene it brings.

There’s a lot more of course but I want to hear from you.  What do you think is going to be the hit of fashion week?


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