Envisioning the New Woman or MN Fashion Week Kickoff

Good morning cher public!  We here at Fort Minneapolitan slept in today after a LONG evening of fashion, tunes, and beverages a plenty!  Our spies were working overtime last night and have filed their reports.  So, with recovery drinks in hand (chai tea, kombucha, mimosa), we begin our tale with a visit to…

The Graves Hotel for Envision – Lots of yuppie sheik looks.  Ended up hanging with the ubiquitous Jen Boyles from City Pages, stylist Jahna Peloquin, and Mary O’Regan from Metro Magazine, who was judging.  The fashions were ok, if a little too easy to blur together (personally, our favorite collection was from the always reliable Kjurek Couture).  The models (from Ignite Models) did a great job and were styled within an inch of their lives (with some amazing hair by Nino Altobelli of Rocco Altobelli salons) and a good time was had by all.  The poor people at Bradstreet were bombarded.  It was scary at that bar.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, at The Varsity, the ladies of La Nouvelle Femme were throwing a more rock-n-roll/DIY evening, complete with some lovely art by Torey Bonar (yes, Haley‘s little sister), a great set by Bella Koshka, an interesting collection by newbie Frances Zerr (we were shocked to learn this was her first collection: it was a little too color-blocked for our tastes but the tailoring was spot on), and an outstanding collection by Calpurnia Peach (while the color story was a little odd, the silhouettes were flattering, and their signature prints – hand made, mind you – were impeccable).  Congratulations to them, and to producer Caitlin LaFlash for an amazing event.


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