MN Fashion Week Updates

Hello campers!  We here at Camp Minneapolitan are hoping you’re enjoying MN Fashion Week as much as we are here.  Our crack team in intrepid girl (and “guhrl”) reporters have been out and about and have been filing reports from various events (whist our cruel editor has been cracking the whip on the minions whist dealing with a sinus infection) and here are the bullet points:

  • Re-Fashionista was a hit and miss affair and we were a little less than thrilled at the selections.
  • Charmed Life was fun but a bit spendy (but we will happily attend any event at International Market Square
  • Couture Noir was appropriately moody but it seemed that the guests weren’t enjoying themselves.
  • We all might have to skip tomorrow’s excitement for Zombie Prom at Ground Zero

Meanwhile, on the Project Runway front, the cable was out on our editor’s house (a weekly gathering/cocktail party/story assignment session) and the cable was out.  Alas, we had to find out what happened thanks to Amelie Gillette’s coverage for A.V. Club.  So spoilers on…

… and incidentally, we were turned on to the recaps/predictions of Alan Gratz, so we’re sharing the love with you, darlings…

…I am surprised to see this person go, especially in light of all the ink shed about this person’s NYC collection which used so many of our best and brightest on the scene to help put the show on.  Which leads to the question: how did this person get a show at fashion week in light of what happened?  There are several possibilities:

  1. The obvious – someone must have liked this person’s work to bankroll them for a show.
  2. The not-so-obvious – maybe they’ll pull a switcheroo on P.R. America like they have many times on the Canadian and Australian versions and bring the eliminated designers back and this one gets back in the race and makes it to the Final Three.  That wouldn’t suck (especially since we here believe in this person).

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