Bullet Points – 30 Sept. 2009

Good Morning Children!  We are catching up on the news from the past few days so grab a seat, there’s a lot to cover:

  • The big talk at the tail end of MN Fashion Week was last weekend’s debut collection by local fashionista and tastemaster Emma Berg.  The reaction in town has been quite encouraging and we here at The Minneapolitan say “Good for her.”  We can’t wait for her next collection (that is, when she has time; her social calendar is one of the busiest in town).
  • Cheers also to one of our favorites, the lovely ladies of Calpurnia Peach who made the Metro 100 list of Metro Magazine (and check out that lovely shot of Ashley Wokasch and Luci Kandler).
  • While we’re on that list, big ups (as they say) to Miss Ellen Doyle and The Minneapoline for not only making the list, but also for getting syndicated by Glamour.com.  (And, for the record, please don’t confuse us.  They have pretty pictures to droll over that would make The Sartorialist blanch with envy, while we’re a text driven operation channelling our inner Hedda Hopper.)
  • Kudos also go out to Red Pens for (a) delivering a kick ass set at Club Jäger on Saturday night, but (b) for topping City Pages’ 2009 Picked to Click list.  Now historically, this has been a good and bad thing for a band, but let’s not discuss the curse now, shall we?

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