All Around the Town

Well, cher public, we (that intrepid staff of girl reporters) were out and about last night and here are the reports.

  • Yo La Tengo at First Ave. was a surprisingly tame affair.  Not to say that the show was tame (it was awesome!), but it felt sparse there last night.  Not that it was underattended but it wasn’t wall-to-wall bodies.
  • As much as we are not fans of Epic in general, we have to give props to Armin Van Buren for spinning a killer set.
  • Speaking of killer sets, former Minnesotan and now Los Angeleno singer-songwriter Erin Muir did a scintillating set at The 331 in honor of her new CD.  She and Lolly Pop did a sharp rendition of “Only the Lonely,” and Miss Muir brought the house down with the Habarnera from Carmen.
  • We didn’t make it to Hell’s Kitchen for Project Runway, but we caught the late night repeat.  Yeah Gordana, Boo that Epereson is auf-ed, Double Boo that Nicholas is still there.

So what else did we miss kiddies?


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