Praise the Saints! We’re Back!

And we’re back.  Oh yes, we know we’ve been bad, but we’ve just been so busy these past few weeks that we haven’t had time to post and for that that we apologize.

So a few bullet points about what we’ve seen and what we know:

  • Kudos to Jake Rudh and the crew at Club Jäger for a deliciously dark evening for Transmission on 29 Oct.
  • Kudos also to DJ Tiesto for tearing up Epic on 30 Oct.  Even though we are not fans of that space, it was a good time.
  • Kudos again to the ladies of L’Etoile Magazine for their Halloween fete at Jäger.  Also kudos to All the Pretty Horses for their kick-ass set at The Nomad.
  • Our condolences to artist/party thrower extraordinaire Brant Kingman who had to cancel his big late night extravaganza.  We had heard rumors all day about it being possibly cancelled till we got the note that it had (and confirmed by a few close sources).

So, what was everyone else doing?  E-mail all the juicy stories to theminneapolitan@gmail.com


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