The Uptown is Dead! Long Live the Uptown!

My dears!  We have FINALLY recovered enough from the sadness, shock, (and hangover) of Sunday night to file our report on the closing of The Uptown Bar & Cafe.  My dears, the children were out IN FORCE.  To whit, the ladies of Kings’ Wine Bar were chatting with David DeYoung of Howwastheshow.com, hip hop hottie Omaur Bliss was chatting with old friend Amy Buchannan of Le Cirque Rouge (and kudos on their recent move to Memory Lanes), several of the First Ave. staffers were hanging around, Todd (Smith of The Nomad) was dishing with Todd (O’Dowd of The Varsity), Kat Swenson of Mr. Chan Presents was holding court in a corner booth, several of The Current staff members were in another booth (most notably Ali Lozoff and Matt Perkins), Craig Grossman was lurking about, Karrie Vrabel was there too, as was Jahna Peloquin and a bunch more that we’re sure to have missed.  All we have to say is Thank God we got there early: the line outside was steady all night long.

As for the show, it was a fabulous gathering of people.  First up, The Hawaii Show was fun and a little kitchy and left us divided: the girl reporters swooned over the lead singer, the guhrl reporters fainted at the shirtless go-go boys.  Next came Happy Apple who, we have come to the realization after being fans for a good long while, that they are sooooooo much better live than recorded.  A great set that had us dancing (a rare thing for experimental jazz, but there it is).  The last band of the night, and the Uptown, was The Twilight Hours, the new collaboration between Matt Wilson and John Munson.  We were extremely impressed, and thought it was a fitting end to The Uptown’s reign.


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