The Auf Heard Round the World

Well, cher public, pull up a chair because this is gonna be a long one…

Thursday night, we all gathered at the house of the editor in chief for the climactic Episode 12 of Project Runway.  Who would get aufed and who would go to NY Fashion Week.

Well, we all kinda called the aufing of our own Christopher Straub.  While we could see it coming, we still felt bad for the guy as we like him (and we are fans of his work).  We (the EIC, the girl reporters, and the gurl reporters) all adore him and hope and pray that he was able to learn from this experience.

As this season had developed, we had figured out who the final three were going to be (since the photos for the collections had been out for a while – to see them click here, here, and here).  So we were curious how we were going to get there.  And when we saw Gordonna‘s dress, we were shocked.  It was perfect.  It met the requirements of the challenge more than the other designers.  The judges loved it.  Then we heard this:

“Gordonna, you’re out.”

Pandemonium!  Our EIC shrieked and almost threw a wine bottle at the television.  Two of the gurl reporters fainted.  A few of the girl reporters started swearing at the television (one of whom started cursing Heidi Klum auf Deuch).   It was madness.

But don’t take my word for it – read what Tom & Lorenzo have to say about it.

Update #1 – Chris March from Season Four weighs in on Gordonnagate, with a surprising take.

Update #2 – Miss G speaks.  Bring cups, children, ’cause she pours the tea.

Update #3 – Tom & Lorenzo will have an interview up with Christopher soon, and so will Jahna Peloquin who revealed that she’s interviewing him “for one of our weekly magazines” as she mentioned in Facebook (our guess: vita.mm)


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