A Festivus Miracle! We’re back!!!!!

Break out the champagne and cognac!  The Minneapolitan is back and better than ever.  And just in time for the holidays!  It’s a Solstice/Chanukah/Christmas/Kwanza/Festivus Miracle Boys and Girls!  Let us rejoice for this.

And speaking of Festivus, one of our intrepid girl reporters was at the Aster Cafe for the a pre-Festivus shindig, or as one of the merry revelers called it “A gathering of the grievances before we air them.”  The affair was thought up by DJ/musican/man about town Joseph Pettini.  In addition, there was his lovely Mrs. Shannon Pettini (who looked good after spending the day before trapped in the elevator in Macy’s), photographer Elli Rader (with both of her adorable kids in tow), Aster owner Matty O’Reiley (who proceeded to walk behind the bar and pour himself a pint – it pays to be the owner), his sister Kate O’Reiley (who was giddy about a top secret project that she couldn’t share at that time), Natalie Gallagher (who had the pleasure of serving the entire party – God bless her), Liz Bastian, Heidi Skoog (rocking a gorgeous vintage dress with the best accessory ever, her gorgeous husband Kern Nickelson),  Amy & Molly Roark, Kris Vruno Huson of Children’s Cancer Research Fund, Todd O’Dowd (playing hooky from The Varsity Theater), Jackie Bateman of the Minnesota DFL, Charles Youel of Artcrank, Nancy Lyons of Clockwork Media, Jennifer Knoch, and those were the people we recognized.  While there was much Drinking of Important Beverages (and consumption of the infamous Aster Cafe Lemon Pie – which if you haven’t tried yet, you simply must), there wasn’t a lot of grievance airing (surprising since this crowd is not known for holding their tongues) but a lot of good natured camaraderie and a great time was had by all.

While we could have stayed their we had to haul ass down University Avenue into Dinkytown for The Twilight Hours at The Varsity Theater (and to rendezvous with one of our intrepid guhrl reporters).  Sadly we missed the opening set by Patches & Gretchen (“weird and moody but well done” – quote our guhrl reporter) but we were in for a treat tonight.  Matt Wilson and John Munson and company gave a well-perfromed show with the added bonus of acclaimed vocalist Janey Winterbauer added into the mix.  It was a great set and everyone sounded and looked fabulous.  Oddly enough, Carrie (our favorite bartender at The Varsity) wasn’t there tonight (according to the bartenders on, she was out of town visiting family).  What’s with the Varsity heavy hitters playing hooky on a major show like this?  Odd.

We bundled back into the car and zoomed from Dinkytown to North Loop for the Transmission New Wave Christmas Party at Clubhouse Jäger.  It was packed to the teeth with the lovely and talented Jake Rudh spinning every new wave track he could think of.  Quite a few of the Festivus crowd showed up.  Also spotted were stylish stylist extraordinaire Jahna Peloquin, man about town Emerson Leandro, and the one and only Mark Mallman (who teased us a little bit about his upcoming New Year’s Eve show at The Varsity).  Strangely enough, Jager’s bartender extraordinaire Angie Heitz was not there – she was on vacation.  What is it with everyone playing hooky tonight?  Eek!


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