Out and About – December 23

Well, the crack editorial staff of The Minneapolitan decided to assemble at Cause for a dynamic triple bill of The Melismatics, Mayda, and Thrush.  It was a see & be seen event to be sure: there were as many musicians in the house as there were on stage.  We have to say that we dig Thrush.  Any project that can call out Phil Solem of The Rembrandts, John Fields, and the legendary Michael Bland (he’s earned the title kids) has our attention.  But as I said the action was teeming in the house: Ed & Ashley Ackerson of BNLX (which if you haven’t downloaded their Christmas song, do it now) Jay Le Freak of All The Pretty Horses, Kii Arens of Flipp, and renowned guitarist Dez Dickerson were all spotted in the crowd.  We had to say hi to The Melismatics (with one of our favorite music couples in town – Pony & Ryan Smith) and we found out that they will be opening for the The Fine Line‘s New Year’s Eve hootenanny with the reunited Tina & The B-Sides.  Even more exciting, Ron Caron (The Melismatic’s amazing drummer) will be pulling double duty and drumming for both bands that night.


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