Cake Eater Bakery is Breaking Up The Act

Well, one of our girl reporters had heard about this a week ago, but we sat on this saying that it couldn’t be true, but it is: The dynamic duo of Cake Eater Bakery is splitting up.  To quote their website:

Cake Eater Bakery is Expanding!

In 2011, Cake Eater Bakery is expanding its menu! Owner Emily Moore Harris will bring you an expanded savory menu, along with the bakery and coffee you have come to know and love.

Owner Sheela Namakkal has taken a once in a lifetime position with The Bleeding Heart Bakery in Chicago. With this she will be able to expand her techniques and skills, and bring her talents to the windy city!

Cake Eater will be closed for the first two weeks in January to get ready for the new menu. Please keep watch on facebook, twitter & our website for more information!  

Again we had heard about this a week ago, but we kept it mum because it was too shocking.  What the release didn’t tell you is that Sheela is rumored to be taking her signature cup cake recipes with her.  If that’s true then color us shocked.

And our thoughts go out to Emily since she’s going to be the one to restructure the business.  Our hope is that the business will thrive and go after this seismic change.

And to The Bleeding Heart Bakery, we say this: You lucky bastards!


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