DeRusha’s Best Blogs of the Year

Well, chickens, it’s that time of the year: the time when every man jack compiles a list or three about what was good or bad or whatever about the year.  And now (for some reason) the lovely & talented Jason DeRusha of WCCO’s list of favorite blogs (which he wrote back in November) has risen again to the consciousness of the Twin Cities (we’ll get to why this has come up today in a bit).

Alas, we were not on the list.  You may take a moment to collect yourselves.

Since we here at The Minneapolitan are nothing if not opinionated, here is our annotated guide to DeRusha’s picks with our opinions:

  • LOL/OMG – If (as the lovely folks at Today’s Pretty attest) we are the Hedda Hopper of Minneapolis society, then let’s give it up for Louella Parsons.  Seriously, we love these crazy kids and they approach the Twin Cities social scene in a completely different way from us so there’s no competition whatsoever.  Now, a little lady-like rivalry with all of our tongues firmly in our cheeks is always welcome (and kinda fun).
  • Heavy Table – This gets a “well, duh!” from our editorial board.  No one covers the culinary scene in this town with such panache (and darn good reportage) as the Heavy Table crew.
  • Ann’s Cat Blog – News to us, but several of our intrepid girl reporters swooned over the overall cuteness and cleverness therein.
  • Ali Shops Blog – The personal blog of the lovely Ali Kaplan (the shopping editor for The Pioneer Press) and you know that if a sale is posted here, it’s worth going to.
  • JustJudyJudyJudy – A controversial choice but then again Judy Grunstrom is often a controversy in any setting (witness her picking fights with people on Twitter or the fact she was the one who shouted this post out to the heavens on-line today, which caught the attention of Kate Iverson who sent it further out into the ethos).  Some love her, some loathe her, but you can’t deny her.  (Golly, that sounds like we were talking about us.)  And you can’t ignore the fact that the woman’s opinions are amusing at worst and brilliantly uproarious and frighteningly on-point at best.  Let’s put it this way, we’d rather read her than another infamous blogger in town (but that, chickens, is a tale for another time).
  • The Same Rowdy Crowd – Love it but it’s like an editorial meeting of The Minneapolitan if you replaced the editorial staff with interesting people but amped up the looniness.
  • Lazy Lighting – Not nearly as incisive as La Grumstron but Bill Roehl is opinionated beyond belief and has the wherewithal to make his points land.  Bracing reading in small doses.
  • Twin Cities Sidewalks – We met Bill Lindeke at Works/Progress a few months ago, and we were blown away by his approach to urban anthropology.  Smart, engaging, nerdy, and often quite touching, Lindeke’s blog is a very unique take on our beloved city.
  • Kane Co. Conversations – The blog of Kane Consulting, many of the which are the opinions on PR, social media, and more by one of our favorite publicists, Jennifer Kane.  An amazing (and thought provoking) read.
  • MINN PicsSornie Sorenson has a great editorial eye; combing through the mountains of flickr photos to find that one perfect one.  And when it comes to photography blogs, a good editorial eye is essential.
  • Beauty BetsElizabeth Dehn goes Allure on us and breaks down what you need and why.  Essential reading for staying pretty.

3 Responses to “DeRusha’s Best Blogs of the Year”

  1. 28 December, 2010 at 8:00 PM

    It is funny, I think I wrote this list in October, they published it in November, and people discovered it today. Gotta love it.

    • 2 The Minneapolitan
      28 December, 2010 at 10:15 PM

      Jason – Thanks for the reply. End of the day it’s a great article highlighting some amazing blogs in this town. We tip our hats to you!

  2. 12 January, 2011 at 2:52 PM

    Heh. First time someone said I had “wherewithal”. Hilarious.

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