New Year’s Eve 2010

Good Morning!  Yes  we know it’s after noon but darn it, we’re still recovering from last night. And while our editor-in-chief is at The Heights Theater for the screening of Holiday Inn (and she didn’t invite us, that bitch), we the lowly staff are compiling all the various kibble and bits from last night’s shennanigans.  This post will be updated throughtout the day as we hear from more of our sources (and if you were out and about last night, then by all means email us at theminneapolitan@gmail.com with your tales of New Year’s Eve excitement).  Let’s get to it then…

  • BOMP at Neddie’s (that’s Nick & Eddie’s for those not in the know) was a fun, if tamer than expected than affair.  That said, all the DJs brought their A-Game to the party with special kudos to The Moon Goons, Shannon Blowtorch, and the guy from Hipshaker (his name escapes us) for cranking out the jams.
  • First Avenue was three times the fun.  While the mainroom was dominated by the Danceteria (and was a little juvenile thanks to the 18-20 year olds acting like amateurs), the real fun was in The Entry.  MPLS.TV‘s “Fuck Resolutions, You’re Perfect “party was an amazing time especially thanks to the awesome sets by Fort Wilson Riot and Chelsea Boys and had a grand time “juicing” with eminent Twitterer  John Wallace.  Meanwhile, we slipped out to sneak into the Record Room for some booty shaking to Verb X‘s flawless set.
  • Aster Cafe was packed to the teeth for Dessa and company.  Dessa’s band hauled ass during the set and of course “Mineshaft” stopped the show (thanks in part to Aby Wolf‘s assist).  It was an Aster friends & family affair; Kate O’Reiley, Matty O’Reiley, Dena & John Alspach, Joseph & Shannon Pettini, Elli Rader and a whole lot more were there for this moving set.
  • One of our reporters was at The Lounge for its very extravagant party.  Said reporter said “This feels like a Brant Kingman party” and sure enough there he was with a bunch of his various associates, hangers on, and ladies of the moment.  No sign of Hal & Kara Lovemelt though.
  • Meanwhile, Red Stag was a very chill affair thanks to the sounds of Sophia Shorai and Brad Senne.  The Secrets of the City gang were all over and having a great time.  Speaking of which…
  • If anyone wins the trouper of the night award (not counting any bartenders or security staff working at any venue that night) it would be Kate Iverson.  The l’etoile and LOL/OMG czar was all over town last night.  First, she sashayed into Club Jäger for the Bubbles party (with her father in tow, no less).  Then she sauntered into Varsity Theater for the Mark Mallman extravaganza.  Finally she caught up with the Secrets of the City Crew at Red Stag.  Keep in mind she had a vested interest in each of these events (Jäg and Mallman are clients of hers and she’s on staff at Secrets) but still we tip our chapeaus to her for having the stamina to criss-cross the city on one of the busiest nights of the year.
  • Speaking of Jäger (and we like speaking of Jäger), it was packed with scene-sters.  In addition to La Iverson, such heavy hitters as Jahna Peloquin, Emma Berg, most of the Blue Sky Blackout boys and their wives (including Jäger GM/Bartender/Badass Redhead – and favorite of many of our gurhl reporters, Angie Heitz who was spinning the tunes and looking fabulous), designer Martiza Ramirez, and many more.  Another favorite of the guhrl reporters, the lovely and talented Janey Winterbauer accessorized with must have accessory of the season; a hot man (in this case BSB frontman Christian Erickson).
  • Speaking of the Mallman show, everyone said that it was amazing.  In addition to great opening sets by Koo Koo Kanga Roo, Red Pens, and Caroline Smith and The Good Night Sleeps, there was the awesomeness of Keyborg (cheers to photographer Mike Mineheart for catching the epicness of it all).  Other high points included a killer duet between Mallman and Mayda on Iggy Pop’s “Candy” and a beautiful duet on Bjork’s “Hyperballad” between Mallman and Caroline Smith (who knew she would sound so good on anything other than folk), and a marriage proposal (Mallman brought some couple up on stage and the guy got down on one knee and asked her right there – she said yes, of course).  We spotted Andrea Swenson of City Pages (with boyfriend, photographer Ben Clark in tow) and Erik Hess (back on the scene after a spate of illness) at the show.
  • One of our peeps made it to the Solid Gold afterparty at some hidden loft (don’t ask us where – we barely remember it) but it was a hopping good time.  P.O.S., Ryan Olson of GAYNGS, Sonia Grover of First Ave. were all there.
  • Meanwhile, in the North Loop, at Haute Dish, a small but fun gathering was held in honor of legendary publicist/event planner/scenester Gretchen Williams.  The former promotions manager for vita.mn was in town for the holidays and decided to go out on the town.  Following dinner, an after-party was held at the loft of her good friends Marina Maric (of LOL/OMG) and John Fillman.  The small-ish but select crowd included DJ Bryan Gerrard (spinning some great tunes), Todd O’Dowd (clutching a bottle of bubbly to aid his post-Mallman recovery), photographer Stephen Stephens, Steve Marsh of Mpls/St. Paul Magazine, and more.

2 Responses to “New Year’s Eve 2010”

  1. 1 Whaaaaaaaa
    3 January, 2011 at 4:45 PM

    Seems like someone put a roofie in the drink of your Lounge “reporter”

    • 2 The Minneapolitan
      3 January, 2011 at 6:46 PM

      Well, it is the Lounge after all. Stranger things have happened. If you have more details e-mail us – theminneapolitan(at)gmail(dot)com

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