Goodbye Maneater, Hello Yummy Luv?!?!?

UPDATE – January 4, 2011: Well it looks like Miss Rivera has heard people’s reaction to the change and is addressing it on her site.


Strap yourself in chickens, this one’s going to get messy.

You see, here at The Minneapolitan, we try to be the classy bitch in the room.  We are in love with this town and most of the people and things in it.  If we don’t care for someone or something, we will leave it alone and not mention it.  But there are a few exceptions and one of them is writer and fame whore (emphasis on the second word) Erica Rivera, the author of the notorious Maneater blog.

Now, far be it from anyone of us to trash her issues (one of our lead girl reporters has been recovering from the same eating disorder) and far be it from us to say her nay about her sexual proclivity (our guhrl reporters have done all of that and more often in one sexual encounter).  If anything our take on her has been to paraphrase dear Madame Armfeldt in A Little Night Music (and apologies to Mssrs. Sondheim & Wheeler for this): We don’t object to the sordidness of her life and her writing, merely to the sloppiness of her attempts to be “famous” (whatever that means) by any means necessary.  Over time, she has been burning bridges (and beds) left, right, and sideways.  We were planning on putting our two cents out there but of late it’s been building to a head with many of the women on the scene wanting to shoot her and many of the men wanting to forget they went there.

But then today, we were alerted about Ms. Rivera’s new blog, Yummy Luv.  We’ll let the lady in question explain it:

So…it’s a new year, I have a new man, and I’m working on a new me. I’m leaving my former blogging persona behind (for the time being) and trying something healthier. This blog will be more food focused, inspired by the grub my honey and I have made together (aww).

While my man, whom I’ll call Alabama Boy (AB), is different from his predecessors in so many ways, one of the most notable is that we cook together. Not only that, our concoctions are incredible; in fact, it’s the yummiest relationship I’ve ever had! The key, it seems, is to keep the recipes simple and use organic and/or local ingredients whenever possible. No drama. Just like us.

Well, if this is true that she has turned a new leaf (or finally has enough material for her book), then we are thrilled for her.  Call us a sob sister, but we’re happy when someone who’s gone through so much can get their shit together.

BUT…This is Ms. Rivera we’re talking about here.  While we want to believe in change and in the good nature of people, we’ve seen too much.  We’ve seen her throw herself on married musicians, have read the website matching her paramours to the real-life counterparts (and if any of you chickens out there has the URL, send it to us).  While we think this is a good developement, what’s not to say that she’ll try to reprise her ill-reputed ways once the AB relationship fizzles.  We want her to be happy, and we want to believe she’s changed, but leopards never change their spots – only re-arrange them.

What say you, dear chickens?  Leave us a comment and tell us what you think.  Or, if you need to tell it to us dans privé, then shoot us an e-mail and we’ll keep it entre nous, chére.


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