Minnesota Spring Fashion Week April 11-17

The lovely and talented Jahna Peloquin leaked on her blog that Minnesota Fashion week this spring will be April 11-17.

There was one part of the post that intrigued us.  Hit it, Jahna:

New this year is a formal application process for potential event holders. It should work to ensure that all events reach high standards, support the local fashion community, and contribute to industry growth in the Twin Cities – as well as be sure there is not overlap with events on particular days. Registration runs now through March 11 at www.mnfashionweek.com. Questions can be directed to Nicole.MNfashionWeek@gmail.com.

We’re of two minds on this.  On the one hand, we think this could cut down on the scrappiness that makes MN Fashion Week so much fun.  However, this will certainly make sure that there will be some quality to the events, and we rejoice over the fact that the kids at MN Fashion are trying to reduce the number of conflicting events (which has been the bane of Fashion Week for many years now).

What say you, chickens?  Do you think this is going to help or hurt?  Tell us all about it.


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