Turnover at The Turf

Well, as we all know by now, this weekend saw a major shake up at The Turf Club with the firing of longtime manager Dave Weingart.  Lovely Andrea Swenson tells the tale at Gimmie Noise.  We had heard about it when one of our girl reporters called us from the not-happening Marijuana Death Squad show from Saturday night.  (We, on the other hand, were at an intimate affair at the home of Scott Webber, a.k.a. the Party Wizard.  But that’s a tale for another time.)  Well, today Miss Swenson talks with longtime bartender (now manager) Josh James to get his take even though there was a lot of no comments.

Our take on it is this: there are always changes at any club.  We wish Mr. James all the best and here’s hoping he can keep the club viable.  The Turf is an important landmark on the music scene (and really the only music club of note in St. Paul).  Our hope is that Mr. James and owner Tom Scanlon can keep this institution going.

However there is one truly sad bit of news to this: jazz adventurers Fat Kid Wednesdays have had to end their 12 year residency at the Turf (since the Turf is no longer going to be open Sundays or Mondays).  Our hearts go out to  JT Bates, Adam Linz, and Mike Lewis and we hope something comes along soon.


UPDATE: Normally, we’d never push a twitter campaign on anyone, but darn it all if Kyle Matteson‘s suggestion isn’t brilliant.  Even if they can’t get a residency, why haven’t the boys played Aster Cafe yet?


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