More Musical Drama

Well, our friends at City Pages have certainly been the bearers of bad news of late. Today we learned that Curtis A has rescheduled his Elvis tribute to February 4 at The 331 instead of being the early half of the closing show at The 501. You will recall that they were going to open this Friday followed by the MC/VL farewell show, which would have been a yeasty mix of music-heads from different generations.

In other sad news, dear Andrea Swenson finally announced what had been an open secret on the music scene for months: the dissolution of Mr. Chan Presents. We had heard that James DeCoursey had scaled back considerably for several months now, consolidating his efforts on booking at The Cabooze. This is great news for several reasons.

It will draw a younger demographic to the Cabooze which has been worried about becoming irrelevant on the scene for a while (and kudos to the coup of getting Snoop Dog there).  If anything the Cabooze is the one that wins since they are getting a really well connected music booker they can call on.

It also means that local venues are going to have to start booking more of their own national shows (First Avenue has been doing this for years, Varsity Theater‘s been going that way and amping up their booking efforts, and even The Fine Line has started to wade in the national booking waters).  Sure there are still promoters out there (Sue McLean & Associates being one of the most notable) but the trend is now the venues are doing it for themselves.  And good for them we say!


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