A Mystery at The 501 or LOL/OMG/WTH??

Well, chickens, we had a fabulous evening out and about.  Some of our more high-minded girl reporters went to 7th St. Entry for the Dearling Physique CD Release (which we’ll talk about when we all return from the video screening at the Uptown Apple store tonight at 7pm).  But the big story was what was happening at The 501 at the last LOL/OMG Tweetup (well the last one before they resume in March at The 331).  Before we get to what happened let’s go through who was there (and here is where we break out the bold function).

The L’Etoile/LOL/OMG posse (including Kate Iverson, Jahna Peloquin, Marina Maric) were at one corner of the bar (with a late-night appearance by jewelry designer/Twin Cities icon Robyne Robinson).  Another Twin Cities icon (in this case legendary music sceenster Chris Strouth) was holding court in a booth with his lovely wife (Mo Murphy of Myagi Salon) and friends (including Mark Fox and Christian Erickson and Tim Ritter of Blue Sky Blackout).  Another musical (wo)man about town (writer Cyn Collins) was chatting with Kate O’Reilly, who was hanging with music photographer Meredith Westin and good friends Kris Vruno Huson and John Wallace.  Meanwhile Mary O’Regan of Minnesota Bride and Metro Magazine was showing off her Bionic Unicorn necklace to Todd O’Dowd of The Varsity Theater while the maker of said necklace (Kristen Berwald) looked on.

Musically the night was pretty good.  Our spies missed the first band (though there was chatter about the band not being the one advertised or some sort), but they caught Pictures of Them (who were good but not really setting the room on fire).  The real musical heroes of the night were El Le Faunt & His Traveling Circus (who reminded one of our girl reporters of Tom Waits if he were backed by Devotchka).

The WTH moment occurred mid-point of the evening.  Randomly, people started gasping, shrieking “Oh my god!”, and showing their smart phones to each other.  It wasn’t until it happened to our girl reporter that the mystery became clear: apparently a certain blogger in town (who we have since refereed to as That Person; as in “Someone has to let That Person know she has no business being here”) had started a Twitter account that night and was following people left right and sideways. We were prepared to face That Person in light of what we said about them on the blog (and we had heard that La Iverson had laid down the law to her claque about being nice to That Person this evening).  But everyone was shocked – SHOCKED – by how purple the prose of the Tweets were.  Obviously, it was a fake but the question is, who was behind the ruse?  John Wallace had made a valid point to one of our girl reporters: the people being followed were very specific.  The rest of the evening turned into a parlor game of “Who is the Mystery Tweeter?” with everyone being accused at one point.   All in all it was a bizarre, but fun evening.

And as of this writing, no one has come forward to claim doing it.


1 Response to “A Mystery at The 501 or LOL/OMG/WTH??”

  1. 7 January, 2011 at 10:18 PM

    Thanks for the mention! You should introduce yourself next time. My last name is actually spelled “O’Regan,” without the extra “a.”

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