The 501 Club – Hail and Farewell

We are still drying our eyes out over the end of The 501 Club, but we have to say the old club (well not that old, but you get the point) went out with a bang.  It was filled to the teeth with as many music heads as you can shake a tambourine at.  The Slapping Purses set was lively, especially with the backup dancers on-stage which included such people as Robyn Lewis of l’etoile, Jay Gabler of TC Daily Planet, and more.  Seen among the crowd were such bold facers as musicheads Kyle Matteson and Pat O’Brien, Jahna Peloquin and Kate Iverson of l’etoile, celebutant John Wallace, Angie Heitz of Club Jäg, Chris Strouth, Brian Gioielli & Beth Hammarlund, photographers Ben Clark (with Andrea Swenson) and Marky Sparkly, and a bunch of the MPLS.TV kids.  The Pink Mink set was tight (especially their Buzzcocks cover which had the crowd swooning).  MC/VL took the occasion to stand and deliver an amazingly tight set (which was shocking in a way; they’re good but even they don’t take themselves that seriously) probably inspired by the end of the act and the end of the 501 and found something amazing within to deliver.  The crowd was appreciative of everyone in that building last night; a fitting end to the short but wild life of The 501.

UPDATE: The lovely Jay Gabler wrote his stream-of-conscious reaction to the night on The Tangential (a new site to us but we’ve fallen in love with).


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