Weekend Items

Brittney Spears leaked her new single “Hold It Against Me.” Meanwhile, and more importantly Sims leaked his new single “One Dimensional Man” and made it available for download at City Pages.

Sunday seemed to be the night of staff parties.  Both First Avenue (complete with staff karaoke) and The Varsity Theater and The Loring Pasta Bar (complete with crazy discotheque) celebrated the fabulousity of their staffs.  But you know, it got us thinking: since karaoke is such a fun thing, and since both staffs (hell, the staffs for most music venues in town) have many talented folks in their ranks, why not have a music venue staff sing-off?  Sort of like a Minneapolis Idol.  What say you, chickens?  Good idea, or off our nut.

Speaking of good ideas, the lovely folks at Aster Cafe are rolling out a new one to shake the winter blues away.  Taco night is taking over on Sunday nights starting this sunday, featuring a rotating lineup of tacos, margaritas, and Mexican coffee.  It’s no secret that Aster owner Matty O’Reilly is a huge taco fan (in fact he confessed to one of our intrepid girl reporters that he’d love to open a late-night taco place) so cheers to him for coming one step closer to his dream.

Speaking of The Aster, they will be the last stop on the Winter Bike Pub Crawl happening on January 30.  The crawl starts at noon at Bulldog Northeast and then goes to Tillia, Kings Wine Bar, and Bryant Lake Bowl before ending at the Aster.  (Many thanks to the blog A Full Pannier for the tip).

Speaking of bike riders, one of our favorite ones – Patrick Stephenson (he of 30 Days of Biking fame) took part in the annual No Pants Subway/Train Ride on Sunday.  The tradition started in New York of one day getting on the subway and en masse forgoing their trousers.  In our case, for the second year, the crew slipped into the light rail and at the appointed hour, bared their legs and underwear for all the riders to see.  While we are not big fans of flash mobs, we do give these brave souls props for a moment of much needed levity in this dreary January.  Plus we can’t help but think this must have been some kind of conditioning thing for the annual Short Shorts Ride.


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