Tapes ‘N Tapes Tie Up Fetus and NEddie’s

Out intrepid girl reporters took in the Tapes ‘N Tapes in-store performance at The Electric Fetus.  A crowd of 350-400 people (by the Fetus’s estimate) was in attendance for the release party for the band’s new album Outside (which was available as CD, LP, or cassette – with homemade cover yet).  The boys (lead singer Josh Grier, bassist Erik Applewick, keyboardist Matt Kretzmann, and drummer Jeremy Hanson) sounded great even though Mr. Grier said it was hard doing their songs in an acoustic setting and Mr. Kretzmann was playing on a mini-keyboard powered by his breathing.  The set was amazingly tight and it sounded great in an acoustic setting (new challenge boys: do an acoustic album – the fans would love it).

The crowd was large (and young!) but well behaved.  David Campbell of The Local Show welcomed the crowd and served as sound technician for the evening.  One of our intrepid girl reporters ran into Gabe Douglas of The 4 On The Floor and he confirmed that the band is finishing up the mix on their first full-length album.  We bumped into Cake in 15 impresario Carl Swanson and his partner in crime (and life) photographer Stacy Schwartz who was getting all the good shots for the Fetus on one side of the stage.  On the other side, photographer Leslie Plesser covered the event for vita.mn.  There were more, but our spies were to busy trying to look over the sea of people and focus on the action on stage.

Afterwards the guys hung out and autographed the prints done for the day by Aesthetic Apparatus and they invited the assembled to Nick and Eddie for a listening party.  Quite a few people moved on to this second round and our spies ended up running into such lovely people as Steve Marsh of Mpls/St. Paul Magazine, music scenester Karrie Vrabel, and First Avenue music booker Sonia Grover.  The guys and DJ Mike 2600 spun some great tunes (including the new album, of course).  A fun way to end the evening.


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