Lauryn Is Not Only Human… She Is Kick Ass!

Chickens, our girl reporters are recovering from the glory that was Ms. Lauryn Hill taking the stage at First Avenue.  Among the packed crowd were Robyn Lewis off to one side of the room with music booker Sarah Sandusky, while in one of the VIP tables our spies thought they spied a few of the Tarnish & Gold crew.  A bunch of the City Pages kids were there (music editor Andrea Swenson – with Ben Clark in tow – and account manager Assumpta Mbele)  were there as was Steve Marsh (that man is everywhere!) Jason Cook of Rhymesayers, Chris Riemenschneider of the StarTribune, blogger Jon Gilbert (formerly of one of our favorite blogs, the dearly missed The Big Ticket), First Ave. promotions director Mächen Davis (who scored this incredible shot) and many more.

L-Boogie sashayed onto the stage in a Tibetan fur vest and launched into “Forever Loving Jah” in strong voice (which was concern from the reviews of her recent concerts) backed by an even stronger band.  And like previous reviews had mentioned, Ms. Hill re-conceived most of the songs on her set from the ground up.  The definite high point (among many in the set) was “Ready or Not,” which caused the crowd to loose their collective minds.  Then she launched into a lilting version of “Turn Your Lights Down” which she serenaded with and dedicated to her man, Rohan Marley (who was in the house for the show) and then flew into “Doo Wop (That Thing).  All in all, a magnificent evening!

BONUS: Some clever puss at the show posted this video of Ms. Lauryn’s take on a certain Roberta Flack number.


1 Response to “Lauryn Is Not Only Human… She Is Kick Ass!”

  1. 1 bitchelor
    19 January, 2011 at 3:52 PM

    a magnificent evening indeed! lauryn brought laughter, tears, and dancing. our group felt really, really lucky to be there.

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