An Editorial or A Statement of Purpose

Gentle Reader (we figured this post was important enough to refer to you properly instead of our usual sobriquet, chickens, but we digress):

It has come to our attention that the lovely and talented Jay Gabler (who we must admit we are fans of) mentioned our name in passing on a rather insightful article for Arts Orbit about “name-dropping journalism”. If you haven’t already, drive up Jay’s Google Analytical numbers and read it now. We’ll wait while you do.

All done? Good. Moving on…

This isn’t so much a rebuttal on Jay’s lovely essay as it is a response along with a few statements of purpose thrown in for good measure.

First off, it does our grizzled hearts good to be mentioned in the company of the writers/blogs/columns he mentions (and note that we are holding back on dropping names for a moment).

Second, while we know people bemoan the whole concept of name dropping, the fact of the matter is that if done right (and we hope and pray we are) it can be quite fun (and, as long as everyone involved has a sense of humor, funny). We here at The Minneapolitan have always taken the approach of combining old-school society columns with new-age ideas and topics with a zingy style channelling the best of Hedda Hopper, Elsa Maxwell, Diana Vreeland and Countess Esterhazy – all while having our tongues firmly implanted in our cheeks (the better to show off our stunning cheekbones).

Those that know us here at The Minneapolitan know that we don’t traffic in tawdriness. We do not believe in publishing hurtful things or tales of who is sleeping with whom: we strive to be classier than that. We do not, and will not, go there. If there’s something saucy we know about we’ll either blind item it or sit on it till it becomes public.

Also, I like the fact that Jay mentions that no blogger is omniscient. That’s why all these society pages have survived: we all cover similar things but there are enough variations on what we focus on that the coverage is different (for example: our recent The Minneapolitan Recommends features are our attempt to shine a light on things that we think you should be aware of and go to). If anything, we want to do our part to expand the social scene with people and things we think are cool. This is why there is room for so many name-droppers; we’re all dropping different names.

Thank you for allowing us this indulgence. Now, back to the frivolity….


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