The Minneapolitan Recommends… Colorant, Flesh

Being a society page, we often get criticized for only focusing on things that we always talking about. “You’re always focused on so-and-so. Why don’t you talk about this-and-that?” Well, here you go chickens. This is the latest in an on-going list of things that we here at The Minneapolitan think should be on your radar and we can not recommend them highly enough.

Today, we here at Minneapolitan HQ (lovers of art one and all) can not recommend highly enough the Colorant, Flesh art show at Umber Studios.  This is the first post-graduation show for two very popular young artists (and fixtures on the social scene).  The show features the texturally and emotionally dense paintings of Natalie Gallagher and the  enigmatically revealing photos of Sohail Akhavein.  Tap dancing on the line between the sublime and the sordid, the engaging and the confrontational, both Akhavein and Gallagher’s works use contrasting methodology (manipulated photography for him, large-scale paintings for her) to examine how art can distance itself from the viewer while still be emotionally engaging.

Colorant, Flesh will run at Umber Studios (located at 3109 East 42nd Street) January 22-29.  The opening reception is this Saturday, January 22 from 8-11pm with party to follow the viewing reception.  And if that doesn’t entice you to go, chickens, we have it on very good authority (read: Ms. Gallagher’s tweets) that there will be cupcakes, Swedish Fish, and glitter involved at the party.  Need we say more?

For more information, check out the Facebook event page or follow them on Twitter.



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