Memo: Tabatha at the MOA Tomorrow

The Editor in Chief of The Minneapolitan (center) dictates a memo to the Intrepid Girl (and Gurhl) Reporters.



TO: The Intrepid Girl (and Gurhl) Reporters of The Minneapolitan

FROM: Your Editoress In Chief

RE: Tabatha Coffey‘s Book Signing Tomorrow at The Mall of America


Good Morning Ladies (and Ladies)!  I hope you have all recovered from last night’s shennanigans.  Well done on the reconaisance mission last night in checking out the new Caterpillar Lounge (and good on you all for getting your report in so soon).  And cheers to everyone who made it to The Current‘s Birthday Bash (and for alerting us to the fact that Brother Ali covered Eyedea & Abilities‘s “Smile”).  Those reports are being edited as we speak.

But, girls (and gurhls), I must draw your attention to an important topic: namely the fact that dear Tabatha Cofey will be at the Mall of America tomorrow at Noon.  Now we have discussed this important event already but for those who are attending (and knowing my reporters, that should be every one of you), here are some talking points to guide your reportage:

  • Number of women versus Number of gay men
  • Sightings of Jason Matheson and other notables
  • Good Hair Sightings vs. Bad Hair Sightings – speaking of which, ladies (and ladies) please make sure that your hairdos are maintained and styled appropriately.  We’re not asking for pageant hair, just something clean and stylish.

That should be enough to start.  As always, e-mail your field reports to TheMinneapolitan(at)gmail(dot)com.

Thank you all!  Now back to editing these posts.



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