Saturday Night Traveling Art Party

Yes there were other events that happened on Saturday night (Lazerbeak at The Turf Club was amazing).  But Saturday night evolved into a traveling art party.

  • Midway Contemporary Art hosted the Monster Drawing Rally, presented by mnartists.org.  Not only was it a great fundraiser for Midway, but it was a fierce competition for the art (provided by such luminaries as John Alspach, Sean Smuda, Miles Mendenhall, Chris Larson, and more) at a dirt cheap price ($35 per piece).  We had our eye on the Alspach piece till it was snatched by photographer Kern Nickerson.
  • Meanwhile at CO Exhibitions, it was the party for PERMALESQUE, an inspired showing of the two main residents of CO – Permanent Art and Design Group and Burlesque of North America.  Andrew Broder and Marijuana Death Squad (in one of their last sets before their residency in LA) provided the music.  Spotted among the throng were Carl Swanson and Stacy Schwartz, Robyn Lewis, Christian Erickson and Janey Winterbauer, Kate Iverson, Jahna Peloquin, Emma Berg, and a lot more.  And while the graffiti wall with everyone’s names was cool as hell, let us state for the record that we covet the Disco Ball Death Star (you had to see it to believe it).
  • Meanwhile, on the south side of town, tiny Umber Studios was filled to the brim with hipsters and art lovers for the Natalie Gallagher / Sohail Akhavein show.  Many of the guests from the other two shows sashayed in along with Liz Bastian & Heidi Skoog, Meredith Westin, Leslie Plesser and her husband, Jay Gabler, Pat and Jessica O’Brien, and more took in the cupcakes, Swedish Fish, and the art.

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