Tabs Ties Up MOA

Well, chickens, our intrepid girl (and gurhl) reporters braved massive hangovers the bitter cold to head to the Mall of America for the audience with the one and only Tabatha Coffey (she of Shear Genius and Salon Takeover).  She came into town thanks to 107.1FM and the event was hosted by radio/TV personality Jason Matheson and his “work wife” (on-air colleague) Alexis Thompson (Matheson’s boyfriend Ryan Farrell was there as well).  The healthy crowd was in good spirits and excited to be in Ms. Coffey’s presence, especially since (a) she changed her book tour to come to Minneapolis, and (b) everyone in line had her book two days before the official release.  Ms. Coffey was in great spirits and was a joy to behold.

Bullet Points:

  • The big news is that she’s planning on starting her own hair training academy.  No exact date given yet.
  • She still works for Joico.
  • Funniest moment of the day – At one point in the signing, she pecked a girl on the cheek. When the assembled throng went “Awwww…”, she replied “People say I’m not nice: Come on!”

Several of our intrepid journalistsa are currently devouring the book in question It’s Not Really About The Hair.  It’s a bracing, poignant, and funny (just like Tabatha) read on her life; from growing up as a fat kid with parents that ran a strip club with trannies, to training at the Sassoon Academy and then under Tony & Guy, to coming to America, it’s a page-turning account of her life.  It’s also laugh out loud funny and had us crying out “Hell Yes!” several times (Chapter 5 alone is worth the price of admission).  We can not recommend this book (and this woman) highly enough.


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