Catching Up & The Best New Bands

Good Morning Chickens!  It’s been a few busy days here at Minneapolitan World Headquarters as our intrepid girl reporters are still reeling from the contact high of the Snoop Dog and Warren G show at The Cabooze on Tuesday (and hanging with Kevin Love of The Timberwolves – he is everywhere these days). Meanwhile our gurhl reporters were entranced by the return of RuPaul’s Drag Race (which is required viewing amongst the staff) and recovering from the awesomeness that was the Tabatha Coffey gathering.  To quote an old drag queen, “It’s su-VEEUH up in heah!”

But we all pulled it together and rallied for the Best New Bands show at First Avenue last night.  We had the joy of running into Sarah Sandusky of the First Ave. booking department who teased us about the “surprise” guests.  We then ran into the lovely and talented Jahna Peloquin and Robyn Lewis of l’etoile and LOL/OMG fame who were hanging backstage.  Meanwhile as we waited for the final set, we ran into socialites Nicky Stein-Grohs and John Wallace who had just come from farewell party for cupcake impresario Sheela Namakkal at the Triple Rock.

As for the music, Grant Cutler & The Gorgeous Lords were their usual alt-country moody best (though we still pray for a Lookbook reunion),  BaDnRaD was a fun diversion (and were we hallucinating or was Bobby Kahn dancing on-stage?), and Phantom Tails and BNLX and The Goondas and Pink Mink (in particular) brought their A games with tight sets.  The Hastings 3000 “set” was either (a) a briliantly meta “performance,” or (b) an epic fail, but (c) it left a lot of people cranky.  Then came the surprise guests: the debut of The Jahhawks, a dub-step Jayhawks cover band with Zach Coulter, JT Bates, James Buckley, and Jacob Hanson.  The opinion of the three-song set was divided: some loved it, some disliked it, but it has to be said that the boys get major kudos for chutzpah and audacity.  They’ve teased/threatened that their next project is Brother Jahli (which actually could be kind of fun to see the Brother Ali catalogue re-conceived as dancehall).  And it got us thinking: this was a great idea to end the show with –  a pop-up side project featuring a gathering of local music heavy hitters to end the best new band showcase.

Anyway, some clever puss (EDIT – actually it’s Danny Sigelman)  caught the surprise act on video.  Let’s watch now.


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