Friday Night Is All Right

Good Morning Chickens!  We are all looking out the window and hoping to be avoiding the grey (well, we can’t since that fashion show by Cliche is sold out – no fear, one of our intrepid girl reporters will be filing away), let’s recount last night tales of derring do in bullet point fashion.

  • The Best of The Midwest Burlesque festival is in full (frontal) swing.  One of the happier experiences of the winter (pretty people in intense makeup and shedding their underthings is always welcome here), BOMB brings some of the most amazing burlesque artists to our fair city (if you haven’t seen The Stage Door Johnnies, you haven’t lived – our gurhl reporters saw them last year and fainted).  Anyway, there’s two shows left tonight at The Ritz Theater.  Go!  Highly recommended.
  • Meanwhile, another performance was taking off (while keeping their clothes on).  Last night was the official opening of Huge Theater, the first theater in town devoted strictly to long-form improvisational theater (think The Upright Citizens Brigade).  We are ecstatic about this as it is headed by two of the best and brightest on the improv scene in this town: Jill Bernard (of Comedy Sports and Scrimshaw Brothers fame) and Butch Roy (he of Brave New Workshop).  We spotted the lovely and talented Robyn Lewis there working the concessions and then ran into her again…
  • …across the border in St. Paul (yes, even we have been known to cross the border to visit that other city) for the Dosh spectacular at The Turf Club which was teeming with good music.  Best of all, we ran into one of our favorite people in town – photographer Erik Hess was there shooting away after returning from an excursion to California.
  • Speaking of photographers, it was amusing to see photographers of the caliber of Stacy Schwartz, Ryan Sieverson, and Mike Minehart fighting for good shots at The Heroes Benefit at The Varsity Theater.  The packed crowd was there in support of the robbery at Eric Lovold‘s studio.  The lineup (The Alarmists, Chris Koza, White Light Riot, Brian DeRemer, and Kicks and Spurs) all came and delivered one amazing set after another (with Barb Abney of The Current emceeing and the boys of Solid Gold giving a solid dj set midway in the night).  Scott Herold of Rock The Cause held court with Kris Vruno Huson of Children’s Cancer Research Fund chatting up the Hunka Burning Love party that Rock The Cause is throwing on February 12, which is scheduled to feature Cadillac Kolstad, The Melismatics, and Alicia Wiley .  Near the stage, we tried to wave at reporter Natalie Gallagher but she was busy covering the show for Gimme Noise.  (Side note: Today is the last day for her art show – which we’ve talked about before.)
  • Speaking of art, last night’s After Hours party at the Walker Art Center was off the charts fun thanks to an amazing set by Jake Rudh (who whispered to our reporter that he and First Avenue are very close to locking down the date for the Transmission 10th Anniversary Party).  We ran into Kate Iverson and Marina Maric from LOL/OMG were there along with Ken Hannigan of Anthem Heart and many others.
  • Finally it seemed everybody from everywhere poured into Cause for The Mercurial Rage / CLAPPS / Blue Sky Blackout show.  Jackie Bateman and Kris Huson were seen chatting with Craig Grossman of Green Room Booking about the Varsity show, Jake Rudh was touching base with the BSB Boys as Trixi Hunter of Puny listened in, John Wallace held court in one of the corner booths, and we saw Ed Ackerson of Polara/BNLX chatting about upcoming tour plans this spring.

So where were you last night?  E-mail us and tell us all about it.


1 Response to “Friday Night Is All Right”

  1. 31 January, 2011 at 5:53 AM

    Thanks for the coverage. Rock the Cause will soon be announcing final details for Glitter Ball 4 “A Night In Andy Warhol’s Factory” benefiting Youth Performance Company. The Warhol Foundation has granted Rock the Cause use of the Warhol name for a mere $100. So Warhol!

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