The Minneapolitan Recommends Nimbus Theater

Once again, chickens, it’s time for us here at Minneapolitan HQ to recommend an event to you and this one is something that we are thrilled about.  Tonight, Nimbus Theater will be opening their production The Balcony.  While we all love Jean Genet and the cast is filled with a murderer’s row of some of our favorite journeyman actors in town (including Heidi C. Berg, Ariel Pinkerton, Bud Prescott, and more), the real reason for this post is that tonight will also feature the opening of Nimbus’s new home in Northeast Minneapolis.  We have been fans of Nimbus’s for years and love their very adventurous and literate take on post-modern theatre so we can not tell you how exciting it is to see them take on Genet’s kinky masterpiece (we won’t spoil it for you but we will say that this is not safe for children).

And on another note, it does our hearts good to see more theaters opening in town.  With this and the opening of Huge Theatre a few months ago, we can only hope that this is a resurgence for our city’s wonderful theatre scene.

For more info, check out the Facebook page for the show.


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