Friday Night Insanity

Chickens we are still sleepy from a long Friday night.  Our intrepid girl reporters sashayed to the Best Coast / Wavves show at The Varsity.  Though it was a sold out show, the place was teeming with children; so much so that we were able to get our drinks in record time for a sold out show there.  And while the headliners were so-so (though to be fair Best Coast was the better of the two), the night belonged to openers No Joy whose all-girl shoegaze sound won the crowd over.  All the children were down front but so were a lot of grown ups; dear Leslie Plesser was shooting for vita.mn, Eric Peterson was shooting with Kyle Matteson and John Wallace hanging out while Steve Marsh was hanging towards the back of the room and Jay Gabler was hiding somewhere in the room. Our girls were smack in the middle and could see it all (even through the onslaught of inflatable toys).   The funniest site was Varsity manager Joseph Henkin standing on a chair by the speakers overlooking the crowd.  When normal security does this it’s supposed to look intimidating; when Mr. Henkin does it, it looks like he’s waiting for a slew of cameras to start taking his picture.  Even his outspoken colleague isn’t that self-agrandizing.  (Note: We kid because we love: Mr. Henkin has helped out several of our intrepid reporters – unbeknownst, of course – and is a charming man.)

Speaking of said loudmouth, Todd O’Dowd was seen and enjoying a rare night off.  And he provided one of the funniest moments of the night.  At one point he tweeted the following:

Ye gods! I think I just saw @JohnWallaceMPLS dopelganger. Photographic evidence obtained.

Then came this from Zachariah Schapp of 30 Days of Biking, who was there with his partner JJ Whitman:

OMG @toddodowd, @johnwallaceMPLS’s doppelgänger is here… It’s real indeed! http://yfrog.com/hsmalqcj

We are obsessed by the John Wallace manque.  If anyone has more information about this new person on the scene, please be sure to tell us all about it.


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