Missing Bands and Dance Floor Shennanigans

It’s a miracle chickens!  We are back!  Rejoice!

Okay, enough of the rejoicing.  So this weekend has been dubbed by several twitteratti as a “Local Music Orgy” for the fact that it’s a plethora of great local shows as everyone and their mother will be heading to Austin for that “music festival.”  (Forgive us for the BNLX-style “ironic quotes,” they are the only thing keeping us awake here at Minneapolitan HQ.)

The big story  was the re-emergence of the LOL/OMG Tweetup Concert Series (sponsored by the blog of the same name) on Thursday night at their new home The 331.  It was great to see the LOL/OMG crew in good spirits (especially in light of that wonderful magazine feature).  If only we knew of the horror to come…

We kid of course, but we have to say it was an odd night of missed connections, art rock, noise DJing, and a surprising no-show.  First off The Craiglist Killer brought us a set that was all electronica and found sounds with lasers.  Everyone was enthralled! Sarah Moeding in her piece for vita.mn nailed it when she said we were trapped in David Cronenberg’s Videodrome.  Even with the voicemail playing (odd, but cool, if creepy…we’re conflicted over it).

Then came the lovely and talented Dearling Physique, who we have to say we are kind of in love with.  They keep getting better and it’s thrilling to watch Domino and company bloom into the full flower of their artistic prowess.  But then there was a “dance performance” that was more Human Centipede than Martha Graham.  How Domino kept a straight face in the midst of this we will never know.

After that thrilling set, we had yet another set by Craiglist Killer’s Albert Elmore who jumped back into the fray after a certain band failed to show.  Cheers to Elmore for standing and delivering.

As for that band that didn’t show, well, that’s a subject for another post.


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