Idle Hands are the Devil of NEddie’s

Our ears are still ringing from the Saturday brouhaha that was the Idle Hands EP release at Nick & Eddie’s.  The room was packed with music lovers, hipsters, and the lovely staff.

We Became Actors tore through a blazing set of Brit rock that managed to unfortunately muck up the NEddie’s sound system. Thankfully, Ed Ackerson became the hero of the night by helping to repatch the system.  And just in time as BNLX cranked the volume to 11 and rocked out their patented shout-rock.  Our ears were ringing through the Idle Hands set but they turned it out.

There were times when we had to disappear to see the lovely and talented Paddy at the back bar.  And who should we spy behind the bar with Paddy but Josh Hartnett.  We knew he had been hanging around but we have to say the hipster dirt ‘stache is not becoming on him.

As much as we love NEddie’s (and we do), we have to agree with the consensus of many people that it’s not the ideal space for a rock show.  First off, negotiating the tables requires the skills of a mountain goat crossed with a ballerina.  Plus (and this is a big issue), they have yet to figure out the acoustics of the room and make the music sound good therein, and since the room is so echo-y, bands like the line up tonight hurt the ears more than please them.  If NEddie’s can solve these issues, it’ll be great!


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