“Why Yes, We Are Local.”

The quote above is in response to the question “Are You Local?.” which of course is the name of the South by Southwest showcase/contest that vita.mn threw last night at The Varsity Theater as part of the “Local Music Orgy” we are experiencing pre-SXSW.  Our intrepid girl reporters were out in force seeing, being seen and just kicking ass.

We got there early as we are fans of Ben Weaver.  It was interesting that as the night went on the crowd got bigger and rowdier.  All of the headliners – Mr. Weaver, Jeremy Messersmith, and Phantom Tails – were on point.  As for the competing bands, we all had a feeling that 4 on The Floor were going to win, but their set was on point so we can’t complain.  That said, Pictures of Then have never sounded as good as they did last night and MC Longshot is gave an impressive set and is a welcome addition to the embarrassment of riches that is our hip hop scene.

Speaking of embarrassment of riches, practically everyone was there. The Cake in 15 crew was there along with Bandrea (that is photographer Ben Clarke and City Pages music editor Andrea Swenson).  Two thirds of the LOL/OMG braintrust was there along with the lovely & talented Robyn Lewis.  Meanwhile, we snuck into the sauna VIP mezzanine and chatted with Pat O’Brien, Leslie Plesser, and a few of the vita.mn /StarTribune kids as well.


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