Free Music!!!

You know we here at The Minneapolitan LOVE it when local artists gift their fans/followers/stalkers/fuckbuddies with free music.  Thankfully the lovely people at Gimme Noise have pointed us towards two Relayted (pun intended) pieces of free music that tie into the GAYNGS Affiliyated party that they’re whoring out like it’s the last prom on earth (pun intended again).

First up, Totally Gross National Product masterminds Ryan Olson and Drew Christopherson released a free label sampler earlier this week with such names as Slapping Purses, Marijuana Death Squad, and more on it.  Get it now.

Then yesterday the Doomtree crew released Affiliyated, a brand new disc of regrinds built on the bones of Relayted which premiered on Stereogum and is now up for downloading.  Or as they said…

To create the GAYNGS’ Regrind EP all of the stems from the bands debut album, Relayted, were arbitrarily named and compiled into a list. Ensuring anonymity, the list was presented in alphabetical order (shown below) to a collection of producers and musicians. They were then instructed to choose only 10, without knowing what songs they came from or what instruments they contained. One could choose anything from four sax solos and six bass lines, to eight keyboards and two background vocals. The combinations that could be chosen were indefinite…the only certainty was that the parts would all be set to the tempo of 69 beats per minute.
From there, the re-grinders were free to chop, pitch-shift, and otherwise pulverize the stems into a new, cohesive song. The only rule was that they must use all 10 stems they were given, and that the tempo must remain at GAYNGS’  standard 69 bpm.
Mind you, all of this free music has a purpose: It’s all in service of whoring out the GAYNGS Affiliyated show on Sunday night at First Avenue.  And that’s all over First Avenue by the way: every single room and stage will be popping throughout the day.

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