Love Power & 1419 Closed by the City

Chickens, we are still sore after flinging ourselves around at the Girl Talk show at First Avenue last night.  It was as fabulous as we all remembered but we hold to the contention that he would be better served in a smaller room with a smaller crowd of hipsters all getting dirty together.

Which is as good of a transition to today’s (not really) shocking news: the 1419 and Love Power buildings have been closed by the city of Minneapolis, citing multiple ordinance violations.  Sheila Regan of TC Daily Planet broke the story this morning.  We reccomend reading Ms. Regan’s article as it’s a bracing read.

While we are sad that this happened, we frankly are not surprised.  We understand that the 1419 collective and landlord Surinder Singh have been at odds of what the space should be used for and what the rent should be for a while, but both sides should have known that there are inherent perils in throwing the kind of parties they did.  As one of our girl reporters (a mainstay on the underground party scene) said in our editorial meeting this morning, “The point of underground parties is keeping them underground and keeping the information quiet.”  If anything the parties at both spaces had gotten too ubiquitous to quickly resulting in everyone in town and their aunt Tillie knew about them.

We are sad about the closing and our sympathies go out to all involved but the bottom line is that we are not that surprised.


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