METRO releases their iPad app

Today we got the good news: Twin Cities Metro Magazine *finally* release their iPad App.This has been a long time coming for the Metro crew and we are extremely happy for them (and what a boon for them to have this happen the day that the iPad 2 is being released).

We had the privilege of examining the app in person (but for obvious reasons had to keep it hush hush) and we have to say that it is a jaw-dropping app.  Without any sense of hyperbole, we really think this app could change the way magazines deal with tablets.  Credit to Metro, their parent company Tiger Oak Publications (especially Tiger Oak’s Dena Alspach who was the driving engine for making this happen), and the technical wizards at Sevnth Sin for all collaborating on this exciting new app.

But, chickens, please do not take our word for it: Metro is throwing an Appy Hour Monday, March 14 at Aster Cafe in celebration of their app and the world of mobile apps in particular.  Details here.


1 Response to “METRO releases their iPad app”

  1. 11 March, 2011 at 5:13 PM

    I just spent some time playing with the app for the first time, and man, it’s awesome! I’m biased, of course, because I work for Metro, but still. Wow. Wave of the future for sure.

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