The Minneapolitan Recommends – La Traviata at MN Opera

Chickens, it’s time for us to get some culture up in here.  Therefore we order strongly encourage you to put on something pretty and head out to the Ordway (yes, we are encouraging you to go into St. Paul and no, you do not need a passport or visa) and check out Minnesota Opera‘s stunning production of La Traviata.  World renown opera star Elizabeth Futral tears up the stage as a world-weary courtesan finding true love in fin-de-siecle Paris.  What’s more she and the orchestra (led ably by conductor Michael Christie) sound fabulous in the tricky acoustics of the Ordway.  There are three more performances left (it closes on Sunday).  Get your tickets now.

So what is La Traviata about you ask?  Well, here’s a synopsis of the final act complete with the letter reading by Madame Mari Lyn.  This piece of brilliant operatic arcana was brought to us by Parterre Box, the Page Six of the opera world and an indispensable read.  They and their cultural doyenne La Cieca are a daily source of inspiration to us all here at Minneapolitan HQ.

Meanwhile, those mad mezzo sopranos over at The Tangental have (brilliantly!)  recounted the famous “Flora’s Party” scene in the style of a certain hipster socialite.  Funny, and accurate, this is an amazing piece.


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