(Blank) by (blank)

The above is in reference to that “music” “festival” (yes, chickens – we are breaking out the BNLX-esque “quotations”) in the the second largest state.  You will note that we are not referring to that “musical shitshow” (as one wag called it) by name.  If this makes us sound snarky, well it’s that everyone and their mother has abandoned our fair city for the Austin City Limits.  And we’re not the only ones who are feeling the pinch: why we were at the lovely Aster Cafe for the Metro Magazine official iPad celebration party on Monday when we heard two musicheads in town kvetching about not being able to go.  We’re with you, sisters.

That said, the dispatches on the twitter feeds have been helaciously funny to read.  And of course intrepid girl reporter Robyn Lewis is filing round-the-clock reports for the LOL/OMGers.

Thankfully we have things going on while the hipsters are away.  Yesterday, dear Jake Rudh dropped a bombshell regarding the 10th Anniversary Gala for Transmission at First Avenue this Friday night: Clem Burke, the legendary drummer for Blondie will be the guest DJ at the party.  Congratulations to Jake on such a huge get for his party.  Chickens, we expect to see you there.

And if you happen to be deep in the heart of Texas, send us all the juicy photos, tidbits, and viral videos of shenanigans.  E-mail us at theminneapolitan(at)gmail(dot)com or twitter us @Minneapolitan.


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