Poco Maybe But Not Faux

While we received the news yesterday that rocked our tiny little world, we looked through the latest issue of Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine and turned onto this profile of local artist (and erstwhile reality TV personality) Miles Mendenhall and his exhibition running at the Franklin Art Works. The interesting part is earlier in the article talking about his new studio and artist collective Faux Poco, described in the article as “home to a handful of artists and serves as a resource for others in need of professional construction tools and printing equipment.”

Now of course, we had heard about this months ago through our network of intrepid reporters who ended up hearing from the other half of the partnership: Luci Kandler (printmaker extraordinaire and half of the late lamented Calpurnia Peach label) has partnered with Mr. Mendenhall in getting this project off the ground.  We also heard that the official opening will be in the end of May but there may be a few soft opening parties prior to that.

If you haven’t guessed, we are thrilled to see what will be coming out of this.  Two of our favorite local artists joining forces to create something awesome?  Sign us up!  As always, we will keep you abreast of the developments as they arrive.


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