You Humble Us. We Are Humbled

Chickens, we are back!  It’s a post-Easter resurrection. (And no, we are not brain-hungry zombies.  Or are we?)  We apologize for our absence but our intrepid girl (and guhrl) reporters have been busy dealing with life getting in the way of our work of bringing you all the news you need to know about this town of ours.

And speaking of news, one of our fans sent us a fabulous communiqué: Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine featured us in a little blurb called “Six Local Sites and Blogs That Keep The Attitude Coming.” To quote the article:

A New A&E blog with its finger on the pulse of cool art shows, sold-out concerts, and local nightlife, this blog loves name-dropping scenesters in a Page Six sort of way, which makes for a fun read.

Yes, we know that this is a mere mention but we here at Minneapolitan HQ are quite flattered to get the shout out.  Even better the other blogs mentioned with us are dazzling.  While Café Cyan and Crooked Teeth are new to us, we are delighted to share column space with The Tangential (which as you know, chickens, we live for them) and Cake in 15 (the brain child of legendary music photographer Stacy Schwartz and music head and actor Carl Swanson).

Which leads us to our question: What local blogs (aside from us, that is) are must-reads for you?  See we want to update our blog roll and celebrate some of the best of the local bloggeratti.  So tell us which blogs are essential and we will feature it here.  So get on it chickens.  Meanwhile we have more posts to write.


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