Around The Town

Good Morning Chickens!  As we get ready to head to a preview party for a new gallery (*shhh!*), we have stories to tell:

  • Unfortunately, none of our intrepid girl (and guhrl) reporters made it out to the Halfway to Halloween Party hosted by the one and only L.A. Nik at Hell’s Kitchen (and shame on us; our editor-in-cheif was ready to throw things).  We always love going to his parties; they are one of the few truly rocking events in town (even if there are people in town who have issue with the venue as not being ideal for this kind of event).  This party was a preview for his party on October 30 which is rumored to feature Slash (of Guns ‘n’ Roses fame) among others.
  • Meanwhile, one of our intrepid reporters went to the G Love show at First Avenue, but was bored.  So she snuck into the 7th St. Entry for the Zola Jesus set.  The set was amazing and she sounded great (which is a little tricky in that space for the lady singers), but the room was teeming with gay hipsters.  It was a John Wallace wet dream.  (And of course he was there).
  • All of the local musicheads were at The Varsity Theater for the White Light Riot CD Release show.  There were as many musicians in the house as there were in the lineup (which also included Rogue Valley, Communist Daughter, and Wishbook).  We ran into Mark Mallman, Michael Grey and Joe Christenson of The Copper Field, Eric Lovold, and Dan Rodriquez all in the house.  The surprise of the night was legendary scenester (and LA émigré) Lili Jackson was in the house, visiting and  hanging out with Gregory Scott of Minnesota Monthly Magazine. The mood was energetic (with WLR giving one of the best sets of their career) and sad as it was the last night of The Varsity’s bar manager Carrie Agnew, who is leaving for clinicals for med school.  All of the Varsity patrons were charging to her side of the bar to say goodbye and get one last drink.  Lifting the night into an old home week feel was the return of The Varsity’s original music booker and technical director Eric Stromstad, who was mixing sound for Wishbook (as a favor to their lead singer Neal Perbix) and lights for WLR.

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